Just looking at something I wrote years ago.

is raging fiercely, the winds blowing mercilessly
waves swelling and crashing
determined to pull me down.

But I still keep on walking on the water
My eyes fixed on Jesus, the author n finisher of my faith

Yes, I'm swaying a little to the left and then to the right
My clothes drenched and heavy as the waves try to pull me under

But I'm still walking
I'm not giving up not this time, not ever

Jesus Christ a solitary figure
silhouetted against the crimson sky
Stands on the other side
Arms outstretched
A mysterious light surrounds him
His gaze is fixed
He's looking at me
He says nothing

But somehow I sense His Spirit urging me
Don't be swayed or shaken by
Keep going
Look straight ahead, look at me
You can do it
I'm right here for you

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