So in john 6:2..great multitude followed Jesus because of what they saw He did, on them that are diseased.

The truth about value is that, it only attracts the mind that is expose to it, but it can be beneficiary to the mind that wants it's impact upon their souls.

The purpose of Jesus doing miracle is to save and to empower, not to show off. The Lord wanted people to Come to the knowledge of Him as their messiah, but because of what people's mind has been exposed to, it limited their level of perception.

They could not perceive the purpose of Jesus. They could not subscribe to the realities of the Spirit. They could not know what it meant to walk in the life that is made available in Christ. Because their perception is limited.

What you see consistently in life has the power to influence your decisions and thoughts in life. If you have been exposed to the importance of Jesus you will go after Jesus than His miracles, because Jesus is the producer of miracles, but if you have been exposed to miracles you will always want to find miracle before Jesus, and this is why so many people have gone astray following miracles [products] than the producer of miracles.

What God wants to do in our lives is to make us miracle producers, and that can only happen when we follow after Him and not His deeds.

The works of Jesus, miracles and abilities only attracts us to see Him, so that we can become Him to do the same things He does. The works, miracles and abilities can strengthen a believer's faith in Christ, but can not cause you to become Him.

He makes us become Him as we acknowledge Him more than we acknowledge what He can do. What Jesus can do is as a result of who He is. What we can do will be as a result of who we are. Not that it by doing things that will make us who we are.

To be continued....

Emmanuel Jeremiah Ā©

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