Do you love to read and share insight from the book you have read?

Do you enjoy participating in book reviews?

How about you do what you love doing and still win some fantastic prizes doing just that?

This is that opportunity you have been waiting for.

You could look the other way, or scroll on, it is your choice. Or you could choose to stop and pay attention.

All it would cost is, the next couple of weeks, plus some time and a airtime or data sum of #1500.00

Yes! You heard me right.

Well, I know what you are thinking. You are too busy. Right? Well, why not pass this message to someone you know can create the time. Or better still, why not register someone you think would love and appreciate such gesture?

Guess what, consolation prizes are available too. Yep! But terms and conditions applies. These are not going to be hidden but would basically consist of the rules of the game for its various stages.

Join this group now to register your interest.

See you at the top.


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