All praises to the Most High! Thanking Him for His mercies each and every morning. Trusting in the Lord as my provider and protector.

With that said, may I ask, am I the only one who is just anti vax of all vaccines; which includes Flu, pneumonia and especially Covid vaccine? The unvaccinated will probably end up homeless without having id# to have a bank acct.
(already have my sleeping bag), and/or placed in fema camps being considered diseased.
Anyone else believe this may happen?

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3 months

It was suggested by a woman of the cloth that those of us who refuse the vaccine, has no common sense and cannot be a part of her little bubble. So, I said "bye" and unfriended her.

4 months

What I forsee is a difficult path for the unvaccinated .

4 months

@jenb747 Ok..

4 months

No, because I believe there will be too many who refuse it!