At a time where there is a lot of noise about various conspiracies and the like, the link below provides some food for thought concerning the vaccine and the roll out agenda from the globalist.

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June Ross MBE
10 months

Agreed! @Amanda Remember who you are and 'whose' you are đŸ‘‘

10 months

Watch it already, it very concerning that the evil workers of iniquity are playing war games with humanity, but God has the last say period. Man may plan his way, but it is plan that prevails. So their evil shall not prevail against God’s people, we need to be United and war from an offensive position, where we are seated in heavenly places, far above principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. Also we need to remember God wins this battle, Satan and his demons will be caste down into the lake of fire đŸ”¥ shortly.