My son is trying to decide on what college to go to for next year. He's deciding between Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, & Stanford. Last night I had a dream that I took my son to Notre Dame to start school. As I was giving him a tour around campus (because that's where I went to school) he said he had talked to some incoming students and they told him about a scholarship they received that he could have applied for called the Frederickson or Frazier Scholarship (don't recall exact name except that it started with an F) & then he got a little upset & scolded me for not letting him know about it. I told him that it was his responsibility to search for scholarships. He then walked away & disappeared. I then see him walking into a bus but right before he stepped into the bus he transformed into an Indian young adult (someone from India). I went to the bus and asked what was he doing in there...

That's what I remember. Can anyone interpret?

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3 months

That was a masquerading spirit and not your son. God showed you the true identity of the spirit. Him getting on the bus is the enemy’s attempt to drive him away from his destiny. Pray against the attacks of the enemy concerning your son. It sounds like that’s where he’s destined to go, but the enemy is going to try and interfere with God’s plans. I hope this blesses you.🙏🏽

3 months


I think perhaps researching more about this scholarship if it exist or inquire with your son.

interestingly enough Notre Dame has a Mumbai Global Hub for exchange students. could be related to do that but hard to know. I would advise having s conversation with your son and asking him if he was ever interesting in a student exchange program.

If by some chance that's something he considered i would first go to the Lord and inquire of Him if it's his will, (before you object or accept)

that's my two cents, hope it helps