I've been looking at different things about investments. and so was looking into crypto then came across some one that started talking about a site that pays you for posting/commissions with adverts on facebook etc. interesting thing, it was almost an hour an they still were kind of click bating and it was very watered down. what I found interesting is this millionaire guy said he liked to do yoga and when he was talking about some other millionaire people he said he likes them because they do yoga as well. ofcourse it is something innocent until I wonder what tomi said about how you cant be successful unless you had something not just physical but spiritually behind it, i mean being outrageously rich. I stopped watching the video because it turned into their pyramid scheme thing and that I didn't like what the site makes people do at all lol. they would charge $15k or like $3k for some insiders knowledge or conference. this is an intro.. why are you trying to already money grab. anyway I see why you always see the same ads on fb etc.. there are billions behind these things.. a reason big tech will not be going quick any time soon. people capitalise so much on these things. data mining is here already, what else do they want to do with data mining

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