I had this dream in October 2019. I was in a room filled with children and heard rain falling so I walk over to the window there was a HUGE gold tornado tunnel. This tunnel was made out a liquid gold that was alive and it filled the entire view of the window. The it began to tilt back, as it moved away from me, I could see underneath it and there was the Ying yang sign made up of a dark deep red and blackest dark black. As it continued to move, it was going out to sea which was to my right, and the sea was calm and a beautiful clear blue, the gold off the tunnel formed struck the sea one time. I looked to my left, and there were beautiful european type houses on a cliff. It was a picturesque scene. However, I was amazed on how HUGE this tunnel was.

I turned back towards the room and there was a chinese man behind me and I asked him if he was hungry and he yes, he wanted Hunan chicken.

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