We are stepping into a season of God's Divine Order - KINGDOM ORDER, Kingdom Government and Rule, Apostolic Government and fullness of His Perfect Rule.
STEP INTO RIGHT ORDER - order your life according to KINGDOM ORDER!
Rise up FAITHFUL WITNESS, it is time to cross over into your PROMISED LAND, TAKE POSSESSION and OCCUPY!  'I am upgrading your faith, faith to do exploits' says the Lord. It is time to release what is in your hands. The door is open to your KINGLY AUTHORITY, decree and declare His Word as you walk in your PIONEER ANOINTING. The declarations of KINGLY AUTHORITY in the Spirit will establish the KINGDOM ORDER in the natural.

Take hold of His generational promises as you walk in the 'FEAR OF THE LORD'. He will watch over your every step and carry you through every season or transition. 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' say the Lord - where the enemy of your soul has brought destruction, God is releasing fullness of life, causing dead things to come alive! RESURRECTING DORMANT DREAMS AND VISIONS.

WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!  A fresh supernatural awakening is upon you, step into His supernatural favour and align with His Word, encounter Jesus anew, strengthen your connectedness and intimacy with Him - He is the source of all life in which your identity and purpose will be REVIVED. Come up higher- it is in HIS PRESENCE that your eyes will be opened to the BEAUTY OF HIS HOLINESS, to see with NEW PERSPECTIVE and GREATER CLARITY.

When chaos is abroad remember that GOD iS IN CONTROL. He is the revealer of all things hidden. The agendas of man will not stand and the the enemy's agenda will not prevail. We are entering the season of HIS DIVINE ORDER. In the revealing of God's agenda, His KINGDOM ORDER will be established on earth as it is in heaven.

Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.
Psalms 145:13 AMP

Your kingdom come,  Your will be done  On earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10 AMP

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Tolulope Kotun
2 months

Thy kingdom come oh Lord