Good afternoon all,
I had a dream that there was some sort of stage show like Broadway with all glitzy dancers. Also on the stage was a giant cheque with my name on it. The host of the show was telling me to pray for twins?
In a part of the dream as well was a woman on a tv screen and she specifically said, “head to the hills to have a hand in history”

Also I have saw an increase in my dreams just recently, I have at least 2 a night and some wake me up in the night.
Can anyone help with the meaning thanks 😊

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Lola Sampson
about 2 months

@Ciiruwetu Yeah it definitely does as I’ve had a few people say similar things to me 😁

about 2 months

@Lola Sampson You are most welcome! Does it make sense to you?

Lola Sampson
about 2 months

@Ciiruwetu Thank you so much, I’ve only just saw your reply ♥️

2 months

it resonates with me he's been telling me for months that he is doing a new thing and he going to elevate me so fast and high even the unbelievers will say it must of been God the Lord is saying all who read this Dream on here are connected to advancing his Kingdom and his presence in the Earth they will all walk in my spirit and power and and heal the sick the lame to walk the blind to see the dumb to speak will cast out demons in Jesus mighty name and raise the Dead all will be done on its appointed schedule all who read this pray for latter rain and righteousness and wisdom and understanding and knowledge and prophecy and revelation authority and walk in my spirit my wisdom is foolishness to Man but you need to The hart of child and believe all is possible this is a divine Appointment don't take it lightly I am is revealing himself to you also when you do your daily prayer s always start with the Lord s prayer first this will shift you into to the spirit remember Man know s not what to pray so always let the Holy Ghost lead the Lord's prayer activate s the Holy Ghost
God bless you in Jesus mighty name abundantly Amen Love you All be of good cheer our Father has already won Jesus Christ saved us when died before you died he said it is finished so that means anything happens is All part of his plan or home isn't Earth it's Heaven this is just put stop to forever with Christ so be of good cheer brothers and sisters

3 months

@ Lola Sampson thanks for sharing your dream. Prayerfully, I feel this is a strategy dream speaking to the reward and blessings God has for you. I feel the joy and urgent expectation and excitement of the Lord all over this dream. The broadway stage speaks of great exposure and visibility. Not only will the Lord amplify your voice but He wants to reward you DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE in the process (twins). The Host in this case would be the Lord encouraging you to war for the prophecies He has spoken over your life and to not be too modest in your requests for He is a BIG GOD!!!

I feel the woman symbolises Holy Spirit and the TV the supernatural. As testified by your increase in dreams, I feel the Holy Spirit has even higher realms of glory for you to ascend to as you supernaturally influence and shape the culture around you with Him and is literally calling you up higher (Rev. 4, Psalm 121). It is vital to lay down any false humility or modesty as you go after these promises and boldly ask God for those BIG things for clearly it is His good pleasure to elevate you (stage,) celebrate you (dancers) reward you (cheque) and give you the kingdom! hallelujah! I pray for breakthrough and swift manifestation in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen! Do let me know how this resonates with you. Shalom 👑

Lola Sampson
3 months

@Benjamin Thank you. Have a lovely day 😊

3 months

Pray for your spiritual children, this could be a gift God has given you, or literally two persons who have recently made a decision for Jesus. But I think a baby in a dream often means ministry or so maybe God has given you two things or ministries or gifts to do which belong together. A celebration could mean like I said before people
who made a decision for Jesus.

Isaiah 2:3

Many people shall come and say,
“Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.”
For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

test the spirits. God bless