Hello everyone, my name is Lesti Adedokun and
I'm a Nigerian.

I would like to talk to you today about governance.

in January 2019, The Lord instructed me to return to my country, Nigeria and I obeyed His command.

in June 2019, He gave me an encounter in heaven about the fullness of His time to move sovereignly in Nigeria IS FULLY COME.

Sometimes in 2020 while in prayer, The Holy Spirit breathed this name into my soul VERITABLE GOVERNING PARTY.

Today The Lord instructed me to SOUND A CLEAR CALL to begin the journey of unfolding the events, exploits and astoundingly unprecedented successes which He has scripted out for Nigeria through this party and the messengers He's appointed to execute His agendas for Nigeria.

I encourage every Nigeria on this platform who feel the promptings of The Holy Spirit to take this before Him in prayer.

If you feel His call on you for this EXPEDITION, kindly send an email to veritablegoverningparty@gmail.com.

Thank you

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Lesti Ocansey
2 months

I appreciate your honesty.

yes you can.
you can share this post with Him as well.

thank you

2 months

I don't feel his call but I literally had a leading to pray for a friend who God will use in abia state. Can I put in his name