Hello everybody! Got this app a few weeks ago. A big hallelujah shout from Finland! Been blessed receiving revelation of the Word from watching Pastor Tomi’s video’s. Originaly the first videos of Pastor Tomi my wife and I watched had prophetic words about Hong kong. My wife spoke in tongues that indicated to that area (words like peacock). This was last autumn and it made sense afterward.
The blessing of prophetic word when sharing about Jesus to people, would be so wonderful to recieve. I’m sure a very personal message can break even a hard heart to recieve Jesus as saviour. At the moment my wife is in the middle of pancrea cancer treatment but getting through this in Jesus name. Be blessed and praise Jesus!

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7 months

My wife was in surgery today. Tumors removed. Thank you Jesus!! Thanks for your prayers. Now is the time to recover..

9 months

6 months has passed and the cancer tumours have been disepearing and shrinking. 3 out 6 have vanished and a 3cm has reduced 0,5cm. Thanks so much for your prayers! They mean so much! God is the healer! Jesus is Lord!

Omasirim Emmanuel
about 1 year

Praise God for you two. Do share with us the testimony of our God. We will be praying for you.

about 1 year

Health and wholeness to you and your family @Markku in Jesus’ name!

about 1 year

we stand in agreement with you for healing and RESTORATION of of your wife's health. we discharge her from her bed of affliction in Jesus name

about 1 year

You are welcome. We ask that the healing power of God touch your wife and make her whole

Shan Applegate
about 1 year

Welcome! 🙏🏽

about 1 year

Praying with you. The Lord our healer!

about 1 year

welcome and blessings