For I'm launching you out of the familiar into new territory!!! My Glory and Fire shall be upon you and in you; and it will be released out of you. I'm sending you to be the answer unto others!!! For I the Lord will show myself strong on your behalf. Don't be distracted by what you see in the natural, look up and see Me. For I am your source!!! I will provide for the journey that I have ordained for you!!! Abide in me because I'm taking you by a way that you haven't been before. Stop comparing what I'm doing now to the old avenues that I used in the past to bless you!!! You must walk by faith and obey my word even as the Evangelist Phillip did. I will use you as a living walking, breathing sign and wonder that reflect my character and love in the earth-realm!!!! Keep your heart pure, and go forward!!!! Shalom and blessings

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2 months

@Ebonypanther To GOD Be The GLORY 💞💯

2 months

Thank you for the message, God confirmed through you what I should do. I was waiting for confirmation on something that I need to do and you brought it.