9 Sivan, 5781
May 20, 2021

Pentecost 2021 is right around the corner! This is a time to be expectant of what God’s Spirit has determined to release on earth!

I was sitting on my desk on Monday, when I suddenly heard the phrase: “Pentecost 2021 will be equal to a convergence of power!”

Throughout the day I kept pondering on those words I heard. The King James Dictionary defines convergence as:

MEET; to come together, approaching in opposite or different directions; to come face to face; as, to meet a man on the road.
In Latin: convenio.
Fit; suitable; proper; qualified; convenient; adapted, as to a use or purpose.
To come to; to find; to light on; to receive, come together. To assemble; to congregate.

Find time to pray and anticipate what God’s Spirit will outpour this coming Pentecost. Get ready to encounter His all-consuming fire in levels that have never been experienced before!
Read Acts 2
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