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I don't understand the onesss definitely the trinity does exist. but there is no doubt there is power in the name of Jesus. Jesus owns these titles.
only title I'm not too sure of is the holy spirit.. one to think about . but I understand that when you get the holy spirit you get Jesus living in you as well. so Jesus is more than just father/human . he is father/(holy) spirit and human... me going a bit 🤯😭
when Jesus left, Peter baptised people in Jesus name and they got the holy spirit as a helper.. they would eat the word ... people have the holy spirit as a guide to help them and they would pray to Jesus to get to the father.

it's got to be in the name of Jesus because of the death,burial and resurrection of Christ. which is symbolised. instead of using an animals blood, by Jesus's name we are saved in which he spilled blood and he defeated death.

The name of Jesus | Daniel Chand
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Minister Black
2 months

baptizing in Jesus name to me is right. I don't believe in salvation by baptism but I don't believe in baptizing by father son holy spirit either. I also believe in getting it done right away not 3 months later like a lot of churches.

2 months

@Minister Black Yes, I'm trying to find a church that baptises in Jesus name, and I dont want to go to a church that believes in incorrect doctrine 🙏

Minister Black
2 months

oneness is a misinterpretation of the God head.