I have a testimony. I moved out of my home in 2017 to rent it for income as I no longer needed to live in a big house once my children left to live on their own. For about 2 years before I moved out and since then, (5 years+) I started having problems with water. My neighbors would be getting water flowing into their homes but mine zero. I have spent thousands on plumbers hoping they could sort out the problem to no avail. I prayed and prayed. It has been 9 months since my last tenant moved out. I decided I could not rent it again till God delivered me because it is unjust for my tenants to keep buying water. In faith I kept going there, praying and trusting. But each time I was disappointed. I have suffered so much shame and loss of income. Last time I went there I just praised and gave thanks. Then 2 days ago my neighbor called me and said there was a tap in my backyard overflowing and I should go and check. When I went I found indeed my storage tanks were completely full. Even my garden taps had water, after more than 5 years. I am still weeping for joy. I cannot thank God enough for Rig Nation prayers of revival. Now am trusting God to bring a good tenant and/or a buyer before then of this month of grace. Celebrate Jesus with me as I trust Him to do it again.

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@Brie Downes-Gossl . Amen Brie. That was exactly my prayer. That the rain of His Spirit would flood my soul this Pentecost and till Jesus comes.

Brie Downes-Gossl
2 months

Glory to God ... out of your belly shall flow rivers of LIVING water.. speak and go this thy might Amen

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Hallelujah !

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