There's a problem with us believers today. Some of us just follow but don't get discipled. We don't get wiser, we stay with elementary doctrine. We can't stand when persecution come. We have no word except that Jesus loves and died for you. The bible does say iron sharpens iron, we are parts of the body of Christ and we all have a gift. What can we do resolve this spiritual dullness? We don't need to give miracles to people. People need to get the miracles themselves. We as leader need tough love that is not afraid of being accountable. I have just noticed myself the amount of lies by omissions I tell customers on my job has reduced drastically because I meditate on scripture. I don't fear people as much as I did before. This is increasing in godliness. The way to increase in godliness is to supplement it with brotherly affection. If you don't work as a team we as the body of Christ should be preparing for a dry season.

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