Hello, my son had this dream. Please share any insight. Thanks!

Dream: Me and brother were being chased by a whole bunch of crocodiles and we were almost attacked but we went to the end of this coastline near this fancy house and the water look like bayou and there was like thousands of crocodiles at every turn and then we went to the end of the coastline and we saw mom looking at a giant wasps nest mixed in with perfect rose bushes behind a dirty glass wall on side of a cliff. The house was above the cliff, there was one bigger hornet at the top.

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about 2 months

@Nguy thanks for sharing your son's dream. Do you know if he and his brother may be subject to bullying, peer pressure or tough love from relatives? One characteristic of leviathan represented by the crocodile is to twist words and use verbal attacks against its victims. My sense from the imagery of the dream is that your son was processing the emotional responses of fear and anxiety that he may hide well in waking life from situations in which he had been a target of verbal assaults. Generally, victims of bullying can have heightened responses amplifying the perceived danger over its actual extent due to the traumatic memory of each lived experience that our brain and nervous system record until the time these are dealt with.

This to me would be represented by "being chased by a whole bunch of crocodiles" and then feeling overwhelmed with danger coming from all sides as there were "thousands of crocodiles at every turn".

Hornets and bees also speak to stinging words or verbal assaults. Mom in the dream would represent the Holy Spirit looking at or pointing to where the danger to the boy is emanating from. Because the house is at "the top" it could be pointing to authority figures in the life of the boy who represent a threat to his life either perceived or actual. My sense is that the boy may not feel safe in that environment even though it may seem idyllic from the outside and the danger he senses I feel is indicated by the giant wasp nests camouflaged within pseudo safe spaces (mixed in with perfect rose bushes).

Bee colonies are extremely well organised and do everything to ensure the safety of their queen bee which I feel is represented by the hornet on top of the house. My sense is that the Holy Spirit was revealing the enemy that you would be up against so that you can engage in fruitful spiritual warfare on behalf of your son. Just as with the many scales of crocodiles that are its protective armour and speak to lesser demons that have to be overcome in order to get through to the principality, the many bee troops within a colony serve as protection for the queen bee and they must first be subjugated before she can lose her power.

The house being on the side of a cliff could be a metaphor to signify that your son may have felt that he was barely holding on to dear life and was in danger of going over any minute due to the sustained attacks and the lived and perceived emotional trauma they may him cause him.

If this resonates with you, you may wish to ask him if he has experienced adverse situations of bullying, pressure, verbal attacks or recent traumatic events. Incase he may not be willing or able to verbalise his experiences, you may wish to encourage him to begin journaling daily which would give him a way to process and not supress his experiences in order to lessen any potential emotional triggers which could become overwhelming. Should he affirm this, it would bring him incredible release and healing if you were to apologise to him for all those hurts suffered on behalf of those who hurt him and then reassure him that you are always a safe place he can come to whenever he feels insecure.

You may then also wish to press into Holy Spirit for specific strategy on dealing with any attacks to your bloodline which would have their source in the spirit realm. Crocodiles/leviathan represents pride and wasps represent stinging, slanderous (busy bodies) and monitoring spirits.

You may wish to check if there are any generational doors of pride, anger, hatred, spite and strife that were opened within your bloodline or if there are any such current manifestations and deal with them through (identificational) repentance on behalf of your anscestors and on behalf of peolple in authority and then close them in the authority of the Name of Jesus and by His blood.

God reveals to redeem and I pray mighty breakhrough over you and yours and especially peace like a river to the minds and hearts of your children. Father God, I thank You that little ones are precious to You and as You said you would, surely You are visiting them in dreams and visions and making Yourself known to them. We thank You for Your faithfulness Father God and we celebrate You as You stretch out Your Hand to heal these ones from all intimidations and hurts of the enemy and for creating the hearts of warriors in them who will greatly influence the earth and advance Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven in glorious victory, hallelujah! We soak them in the blood of Jesus and pray that You deliver them greatly Mighty God as You show Yourself strong on their behalf according to 2 Chronicles 16:9 as their hearts are pure and upright toward You Father of mercies in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen! Shalom šŸ‘‘

Tarisai Lamb
2 months

Yes I agree @averrell.thompson

May the Lord deliver you from demonic attacks and press in with prayer fasting and giving .

Psalm 34:4Ā 

I sought theĀ Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

2 months

bind the marine spirits and anything that inflicts pain on what is supposed to a blessing in your family's life.

crocodiles are the marine spirits