I ask for prayers for my son. He recently had a x-ray done on his left foot. The results came back that he has has an exostosis of the bone which is an over growth on the bone that caused him to not walk in the correct manner. It hurts him when he walks so instead he crawls.... please I ask for prayers for healing and that God hands will be upon him.

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about 2 months

Father thank you for the gift of a son to this family, I pray that he shall not be brought forth for trouble.
Lord may your works in His life and body declare your glory through his healing in Jesus name Amen.

Tarisai Lamb
about 2 months

Praying for his healing and that the pain and discomfort be removed in Jesus name 🙏

Matt Whiteway
about 2 months

In the name of Jesus I speak to your sons foot and I command it to be fully healed and made whole, bones come into alignment, all pain Go!! By the stripe of Jesus, he is healed!!