You ought to have the Lord direct your path on to exercise your faith because you cannot just do it yourself and/or just go back to normal and be reckless.

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about 2 months

@NotAPro lol it cannot take time to go trickle in the spirit more like right NOW it has too. Although about knowing the problem…people without know still get healed though…just to make a point. Thanks though.

about 2 months

@allyshajohnson Well if you say you need a miracle but you don't have time to get faith, then you either use the faith that you already have, or you pray to God and you either get a miracle or you don't.

Nevertheless God will never forsake you. He is faithful to supply all of your NEEDS.

I've experienced difficulty having faith for things that I want, but when it comes to something I NEED, I know 100% that it's mine without a doubt, because me not getting it would mean that God failed me, which is impossible. Insomuch that sometimes I may not even pray because I just know I'm gonna get it.

Whether you have time or not could be debatable: you may think you dont have time, but it may not take that long to build up your faith.

There's different types of prayer, and prayer of faith is one way to get healed, but there are other ways too. But no prayer works without faith. Regardless how you pray, as long as you have faith correctly founded on the Word of God, God will personally see to it that your prayer is answered. There are right and wrong ways to pray (e.g. if a sickness is caused by a demon, that sickness can't leave unless that demon is addressed. Likewise, if a sickness is only physical, you can't address it as a demon and expect it to leave). But once you know what the issue is, and you know what the Word of God says about it, you can pray and expect God to answer.

I would encourage you to pray in tongues concerning your situation: I've heard of people praying in tongues for others to be healed, and they were healed, so why can't you do this for yourself? Tongues will help to build up your faith, and it will address what your mind can't.

Smith Wigglesworth once said that if you wait until you need faith to get it, you're too late. Don't wait till you need healing before you get faith for healing.

I encourage listening to Kenneth Hagin's teachings on healing, and other teachings by others as well, rather than reading Scriptures only, because there's things that you can only get from teaching that you won't see for yourself when reading alone, or may take more time.

How to be fully convinced? The same way you are fully convinced that you are saved. It's all the same. Someone told you the gospel and you believed it, and were saved.

Hear the Word of God, speak it, until it gets into your spirit. It will take time for it to trickle down into your spirit, but it will do so eventually.

about 2 months

@NotAPro but what happens if your in need for miracle and you don’t have that time to wait? I need to know more verses but I don’t have that much time to wait to read? Also how can one be fully convicted not only just from the head but to the heart (in your spirit)?

about 2 months

Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the word of God until you catch the rhema, the revelation of the word. Faith is based on the word of God, the one the Holy Spirit reveals to you. When you catch it, you know it, you don't need anyone to convince you. What you need is the revelation of the word of God about your healing through the Holy Spirit, when you get the understanding, you know that you know you are healed.

about 2 months

I was replying to your previous post about walking on broken foot, but seems you deleted it. I'll just post the reply here.

Well if you have enough faith to do so (to walk on your foot), then sure, you should do that.

Many people that get prayed for healing that have casts or braces or crutches etc. are told to remove their respective apparatus, to "do something they couldn't do before", in order to move in faith, and trust God. Majority of the time, the person will remove their crutch/brace/etc. and walk, and God will do the rest and honour their faith.

God is READY and WILLING to honour our faith. If we have faith and don't doubt, then we can just TAKE IT. And if we don't yet have that faith, we can just read the Bible and confess the Word until our faith is up. Faith simply means trust. Faith is never meant to be complicated. The only difficulty about it is this fallen world: our unrenewed minds make it hard to believe God.

Kenneth Hagin has a very good testimony on being healed through faith. He was bedfast with an incurable heart disease, and incurable blood disease, that doctors said had killed everyone else before their 16th birthday. On top of that he was paralyzed.

He had nobody to encourage him with regards to healing by faith (except his grandpa), cus they didn't believe in it.

He read that Bible every single day pretty much all day, starting in New Testament, and the LORD revealed to him Mark 11:23-24, and he kept reading that passage until he got it (took him many months).

He finally really believed he was healed, regardless of what his symptoms said. Then God said to him, "So you now believe you're healed?".

"I sure do". "Well get up then"

THEN HE GOT UP. And God deleted every symptom from his body, and years of being bedfast disappeared instantly.

God honours your faith and likes when we take risks. Peter walked on water, but only sank when he DOUBTED. Jesus said why did you doubt? That means he actually didn't have to doubt! He could have kept trusting Jesus and stayed on top of the water.

But remember, faith is not mental but spiritual. It's more than just thinking that you're healed: you will KNOW it, inasmuch as you are fully convinced that you're saved. When you get to that level, you've got it