Please continue to pray for Israel. Here are some key issues shared from another forum.
Israel is really in great danger, please continue to pray.
Dear friends, Bennett, the leader of the Yamina Party, has publicly stated last night that it will form a government with the left-wing forces. The left-wing government is about to be completed and it is extremely necessary for God to intervene in time to stop it.

The political platforms of the leftists include:
1. Support the division of Jerusalem
2. Support the division of Israel
3. Advocating the abolition of the Sabbath
4. Support the abolition of Jewish settlements
5. Oppose Israel's possession of the Golan Heights
6. Support the establishment of the Islamic State of Palestine in Israel
7. Support the promotion of gay marriage
8. Among them, the Raam party belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and supports the promotion of Islam
9. Support secularism

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about 2 months

oh Lord, scatter their union. Any association that won't align with ur divine plan for the nation of Israel will not stand in Jesus Christ name

Reve’ Northrup
2 months

Those who help divide the land of Israel, it will not go well with them. Most definitely, I am and will pray for the peace of Jerusalem

2 months

Also can link on youtube. Prayers from all regions in Africa were powerful n very annointed this evening. English, French, Portuguese and Arab speaking Africa.