I want to thank all the prayer warriors thy prayed and prophesied over me before today’s message The Wale Are Coming

In this message the Lord reveal through the story Jonah why the world around him began shaking because of his disobedience. This is a picture of the Church being religious and having a Church mentality instead of a kingdom mentality.

Once Jonah repented he was swallowed by a wale which caused a reformation of time and a wealth transfer yo fulfill his mandate

The Father is looking for those who will say Lord send me as a reformer to change culture not just win souls but transform cities and nations to raise up the desolate places.

May this message bless you, empower you, amd launch your into a new era of kingdom advancement.


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about 1 month

@rich.darnell Amen. I receive that in Jesus Name!🙏

about 1 month

@amanda1 bless you Father I speak unmeasurable favor and overflowing grace to obtain the promises you have set before your daughter

about 1 month

God bless you Rich! excellent Word in wisdom and revelation . Lord grant me the grace to be willing and obedient to step out in faith and action for Your kingdom advancement.!🙏🏃‍♀️🔥