This is on the UK Govrmt Website. prodicts significant increases in hospitalizations and deaths in August 2021 of DOUBLE VACCINATED Britons.
Announcement this morning that travel overseas for British holiday makers now available IF you are DOUBLE VACCINATED

Please read and share this everywhere !!!!!

It is from the website, and was published my SPI-M-O on the 31st of March. It states on page 10 paragraph 32 of the expected roadmap out of lockdown, that they expect there to be a 3rd wave of infections in August. It also states that they expect 60-70% of the expected hospital admissions and DEATHS to come from those who have had both vaccinations.

If this isn't proof for anybody that the vaccines are intended for genocide then I don't know what is.

Here is the link to the published analysis.

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about 2 months

yes, saw this yesterday. shameful