I never understood how some people were estranged from their families because I truly believe in 100% forgiveness but being a Christian I now understand that sometimes it doesn’t even relate to forgiveness issues but rather other people choosing to simply not want you around because of what you represent & how they don’t want to relate. Please pray for me & my husbands family. We are going to a funeral tomorrow morning where the vast majority of the people there do not like us because we are now Christians. We’ve actually never done/felt any of the many things that we are falsely accused of & that’s because despite the fact that this is family none of them have ever gotten to know us or our heart. However, we’ve actually never, that I know of, sinned against them and have blessed them with money & time spent in helping them time and time again. Tomorrow I need to continue on that past of never having sinned against them and only helping them. I know they “feel” unloved just because we can’t relate. And at a funeral Christians can really seem unloving as they are joyful for the person passing onto heaven. God is pre-warning me that they(or more so this battle that is not against flesh and blood) are going to try to push our families buttons tomorrow out of their pain to try to make us sin. I have received texts that simply call me “judgmental & holier than thou.” We have always been there for them and I think that makes them feel vulnerable & “judged.” they know our stances without us even having to say it and they’ve chosen to reject those stances and it doesn’t hurt because I understand that they’re not rejecting me they are rejecting God. It’s so odd and I know we need the body of Christ praying for us tomorrow. Pray God helps us to minister to these family members and not be baited and sin against them. Pray also that the kids are a blessing to everyone there as well. Father God please don’t let our personalities & temptations cause harm to the kingdom. Help us to be wise with our words & know when not to speak.

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Praise report but also continued prayer request. There was no drama at the funeral. The funeral was actually attended by everyone on that side the family and many more sans his only biological child that the wife decided not to tell that dad died and one other person the wife wouldn’t allow because he divorced out of the family and we “are no longer allowed to connect with.” I personally have no issue with that person but even my husband tells me to respect their families wishes so I’m forced to be estranged from the person I actually got along with the best and our family still prays for them. Again, my mind can’t wrap around estrangement. They mock, gossip about, and then erase people.

The most amazing preacher gave a very clear message of Christ to Agnostics, Atheist, Muslims, and Christians that are luke warm & the other two besides our family that is often treated poorly, mocked, gossiped about but join me in thanks for them because now over 25 years ago they invited my husband to church where my husband got saved. Although despite the fact that these two are Christians they still participate in some of this families estrangement practices even with their own children that they will cut off for years at a time. It is literally spiritually depressing to be around that side of the family. This time I felt like my family and I was able to walk in victory around them. My kids were also very well behaved.

So the prayer request is this. I see at the root of their block from Christ is not a lack of the message or a lack of having been loved & forgiven by Christians but a desire to hold onto bitterness from choosing lies over truth and wanting the ways of this world including the unforgiveness and gossip that has created so much distrust, depression, and anxiety on that side.

The wife actually had me stand next to her to shake everyone’s hands but my own, mostly adult nieces and nephews ignored my existence even when my husband and I tried to say high. My husband and I both stayed very positive and kept everything to ourselves except for this prayer request here where you don’t even know who these people are and they are protected. :)

But one of the youngest of them is only 15 and while she ignored me I was able to say hi and thank her boyfriend. During the actual burial he was sincerely touched and crying very hard. He was the only one that seemed to connect to the reality of everything. Everyone else in that family is very numb & heavily medicated from feeling their feelings. Although I prophetically saw that young man as “possibly” the one who will lead that side of the family to Christ or at least be a part of the story. I know nothing of him other than that he is dating a teen raised agnostic/Muslim but please lift him up in your prayers that he’s able to be an influence for the glory of God and that family heals and grows in Christ. It’s so sad there is such a spirit of depression and I can’t get my finger on the rest. It’s clearly something generational that my husband doesn’t have on him. I there’s also a lot of sarcasm, and well all sarcasm isn’t evil, there’s something demonic about how they don’t use sarcasm to be funny but rather it’s part of what brings them down

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May the peace of the Holy Spirit overshadow all at the funeral

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May the Lord give you strength and understanding

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🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽 keep choosing love, the more excellent way. Feel sorry for them, as Jesus prayed to Abba Daddy “ forgive them, for they know not what they do”. It is well.

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Lord Jesus even before the world hated us they hated you and so I ask that you bestow you’re abilities to endure on your children....cause us to decrease as you increase that your love and light will shine trough this family in Your name