Evangelical Global Outreach Church (EGOC) and Evaglo charity invites you to this special programme On Sunday 18th July 2021 at 6.00pm to 8.00pm (UK & Nigeria Time)

It is a unique virtual 2021 Family conference titled 'Bridging age gap with your youths' . This programme cuts across age groups.

We have invited a seasoned, non-judgemental and an experience parent who is passionate for the gap to be bridged. This programme cuts across all age groups. It is time we all learn to do better, fairer and understand each other regardless of our age gaps/differences for better relationship.

The presentation will be from the perspective of the parents, guidance, carers and our youths. The children and the youth being part of the event will make them understand what goes through our heads as parents, what winds us and what makes us do what we do. Also hearing our children and youths’ perspectives will make us know how we make them feel by the things we do.

The guest speaker has provided a number where you can start sending all your burning questions to. The number is 07983567988. The main reason for the number is to make sure people are free to ask questions and remain anonymous. The number is safe and secure and only direct to the guest speaker. You can start to send your questions anonymously to this number from today.

Virtual conference via Zoom
Theme: Bridging the gap with our children
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 959 5510 1647
Passcode: 899446
On Sunday 18th July 2021
Time - 6.00pm to 8pm (UK/Nig Time)

For follow up, counselling, prayers and more information, please contact:
Tel - 07958083479
E-mail: egouk101@gmail.com

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