I just came across Tomi Arayomi! My best friend gave me “Eat Sleep Prophecy Repeat.” this past Sunday and i started reading it today and I can not put it down!! She knows I’ve been seeking God and I’m learning to hear his voice and that I want to learn as much as possible about the prophetic (I’m currently a prophetic book junkie!) I put the book down to search for the prophetic word he gave about President Donald Trump that he mentions in the book and man!! I’m In awe of the Father! Couldn’t help but look more into his and his brothers ministry .... it led me to FB and in-turn I saw the post just now about the fast! So I will start tomorrow! But I just love how Holy Spirit leads us to what we need at the right time!!

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Samantha CM
over 1 year

hahaha same here prophetic book junkie and I am waiting to get my copy from Amazon can't wait to read ,eat sleep and prophesy. am encouraged by the testimony's coming from every one about this book, so cant wait.

almost 2 years

I hope i can have this book!

Tomi Arayomi
almost 2 years

Lovely to meet you! I’m so glad my book is encouraging you! Thanks for joining the family