Judah Praise Concert – 26th June, 2021

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Animals don’t have the sort of (sentient) brains we have, but they give God praise! The Scriptures tell us this (Psalm 148). The God who made all things deserves praise. He made all things and for his pleasure they are and were created. Let your lips give praise to the King – the sacrifice of praise, the fruit of your lips giving thanks to His name (Hebrews 13:15). You cannot give God praise except from a pure heart. Judah was to go in first (Judges 1:1-2). Praise goes first.

Mix equal amounts of the costly spices: stacte, onycha, galbanum, and pure frankincense, then add salt to make the mixture pure and holy. Exodus 30:34

The Scriptures tell us in Exodus 30 about the incense we are to offer, which is our prayers and our praise. Your prayer and your praise are incense to God. The frankincense represents thanksgiving. It is the opposite of myrrh, which means bitter. The Scripture says in 1 Timothy 2:1 that men everywhere should pray. He points out that we should offer prayers, requests, petitions and thanksgiving. He said, “I want men praying for people everywhere.” Then he starts listing out: “For those in authority and rulers, and for all people.” (1 Tim. 2:2-3)

If you are going to combine the four condiments of the incense and the four explanations given in 1 Timothy 2 from verse 1, you must have thanksgiving in your prayer concoction, or it is not acceptable incense to God. This is what Scriptures are for — for extracting truth. The Scriptures are given for correction, for instruction, for teaching, and for rebuke. So, however you take this, understand that the Scriptures were to tell you how to pray.

Scriptures say that you need those four things to make a proper concoction of incense. Look at Exodus 30; you will see the details about the incense. And then, look at 1 Timothy 2, the New Testament interpretation of that incense. Whenever people pray and make petitions asking God to help them, save them, deliver them, help them graduate, help them marry, or give them a job, and they don’t mix it in with thanksgiving for what God has already done continually, then, their incense is not the incense God desires.

What do you give God thanks for? 1 Timothy 2 — for those in authority. Without them, there will be chaos. Look at the few times there is just a slight breakdown of law and order. Look at what happens when policemen run away from any place. In America, for months cities were burning in May and June last year because the police were attacked and they left. Crime broke out everywhere!


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