A church of England vicar faces the sack for singing ‘Thine be the glory’ and hugging a mourner at a funeral service he conducted. 😢

Rev. Charlie Boyle, who is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, faces a series of Covid related allegations which could result in his wife and four young children being thrown out of their home by church authorities.

Charlie said: “I am deeply saddened and hurt that Covid regulations are being used as an excuse by the church hierarchy to bully me and my young family.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “It cannot be right for a passionate Christian leader who has inspired his community and brought young people into the church, to be bullied out of his job on the basis of what appear to be farcical allegations.

“Charlie Boyle is a faithful servant of Jesus Christ who has taken all reasonable precautions and guidance to protect his congregation. No non-covid allegations have been brought against him.

“We will stand with Charlie Boyle whatever happens in the weeks ahead.”

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Elizabeth Joel
19 days

@Amanda Amen.

19 days

Lord Jesus protect your servant Rev Charlie Boyle and his family and provide all of their needs according to Your riches in Christ Jesus. Father hold these leaders accountable for their injustice against your servant and reinstate him back into his rightful position in Jesus name amen 🙏🏼