One song that continues to wreck me throughout this fast is "Still Moving by William McDowell”
When you truly realise that God is still moving and proving how great he is, it’s mind blowing to know we serve a God that will defy all odds to ensure his kingdom comes to pass.

If anyone wants to be stirred in faith, I would encourage you to listen to Still Moving By William McDowell. It truly is a song you can tell was birthed was birthed from a true encounter with God ❤️❤️

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almost 2 years

Thank you for sharing - just listened & my spirit is souring - faith is rising & expectation has set in for the days ahead...thank you. B encouraged everyone to run the race before you with expectation because the God we worship & adore is a great great God & He’s still in the business of “immeasurably more”...much encouragement to you all 💖💖

almost 2 years

Will find it on YouTube and listen 👂 thanks for sharing 😍

Isaac Tendo
almost 2 years

Yassss!! Will do that

Tomi Arayomi
almost 2 years

Love that song