Thus says the Lord who survive the storm of Lord of the Harvest against the wicked have sowed towards the storm that shall come upon them for they sown they shall reap in harvest of judgment for the blood of innocent cry up before me is before me for justice. I given you a time of repentance for mercy endures forever for those for love me but I set myself Against those who trample my blood as though it is nothing and those devise wicked plans against those who worship me and serve me .
Why do devise wicked plans against my people and think you can escape my plans you think like Pharoahs thinking you are as God saying I will set my throne above God in this earth against my people to control and manipulate their destiny to make them slaves to your plan to steal their Destiny by your hand for you are pawns of wicked one himself which is Satan which who desires to change times and seasons to steal the destinies of nations and those inhabitants of them to crush them down and lock them down and muzzle their mouths by your wicked schemes but you cannot lock me down or Lock me out says the Lord
For seek to kill steal destroy my people but you shall not prevail. I say to you set my people free For you will not withstand the storm of Lord and the hosts heaven for which of can withstand my storm I gave you time to repent and change sides but now time at hand For just a time when Elijah came before the people to say unto people to chose this day who you will serve so it is now within the nations of earth for many were weighing in the balance saying to themselves who will I serve and many have set their will against me as the leaders of earth set themselves against me and my annoited leaders and going in the way Saul and path of Ahab and Jezebel to provoke me to anger by their wicked plans to serve the way of baal but you will not survive the storm that's upon you for who can withstand the Storm of the Lord for the storm shall take you away from your postion on your seats for the uprising is upon you are as dust before me I say whirlwind is upon you who pervert justice for it already started and storm will take you away the names of Biden, Harris,Justin Trudeau ,Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, Nichole sturgeon,Emmanuel Macron,Obama ,George Soros, Bill gates and list goes on for those who set themselves against me and if they don't repent from the Global agenda, DO YOU THINK you can survive the storm just as the wicked thought they could in the day of Noah so it shall be now as the flood of exposure shall bring the flood of justice for even now I have prepared people to take your places as you fall Like domino's as I start with Biden this shall be the start of flipping of seats across the nations of earth one by one you conspired against me and my plans for the nations of earth I will not be robbed of the Harvest of souls of earth by theif of all Satan who tries to steal the freedom and destinies of my people For the Glory of God shall cover the earth as the gross darkness is driven back by my hand says the Lord.
For it is the time of the 300 of Gideon so has been with the prophets of the earth many have backed up and been driven into the caves by Jezebel prophets of Baal the media but their shall be a crashing of news networks as the storm passes over and they will not survive it so I say unto my people stay in me I am your ark I will cover you as the storm passes by for it is the time of the firey furnace as the fire is stoked hotter to get people to bow to their agenda of control but I am the fourth man in the Fire so you will come as pure Gold as I walk with you thru the Fire for you shall know me and do exploits before the wicked and you will not be burned.
Just as I delivered the children of Israel for the hand of Pharoah so I will deliver you with the wealth of wicked so march on to the other side to my promised destinies in my plan so focus on my plan and I will take you by my hand to the other side
So stand and march forth in me for I am releasing miracles ,signs and wonders upon the land as storm shakes everthing that can be shaken so that which remains can be strengthen to take the land for it is time of slaying of Giants of the land by stone the wasn't made by hands for great Glory and fire is blowing upon the land as my feet step upon the lands says the Lord.
Nahum 1.3
The LORD is slow to anger and great in power And He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished. The LORD has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm, And the clouds are the dust beneath His feet.

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4 months

Confirmation of many warnings released by God’s Prophets. Praise God, let every man be liar but God be true. Thank Lord Jesus for loving kindness and justice.

Sherie Bon
4 months

Have your way Lord

4 months

Glory HALLELUJAH.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Confirming from other Prophets that literally released some of the same Words from Our POWERFUL LORD.

It Is So and So It Is.