September 3 2021 Double-mindedness
A Word of the Lord through Angela Jefferson

You move in a false sense of sureness. There are underlining things that need to be dealt with. That no hindrance come to you. Some of you wonder why I keep coming back to this, why I keep going through this. Why, because  It hasn't been severed. It hasn't been completely pulled out of you. There are still roots, there are still agreements, and some are generational. All these things need to be dealt with immediately. No longer will my children be hindered. I am showing you the light, the things to deal, with the things that are underlining, the things that you do not know about. I am digging up and exposing,  so the truth can shine through. And the lie can no longer have hold of you. Be encourage my children. I love you with a great love, go through the process,  go through my process. My loving process for the cleaning out of your soul and ties do not remain that you are free from them. My love, My light, I shine on you. You are never without it. Know this and move in it.

Love and Blessings ❤

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Amen and amen

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