So today in church I did not take the monthly holy communion because I was not sure if I could take bread and wine. So what do you guys think 🤔? I know it’s the Lord’s blood and body but I just was not sure! Any insight or advice???

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almost 2 years

thanks for asking this question I was wondering the same

almost 2 years

Thank you dear family, for all your comments, points taken. This is really good and helpful. What a community of believers! May the Lord give us wisdom to serve him in freedom.

almost 2 years

Communion should taken during fasting, it doesnt get taken as food but symbolic of the finished work of the cross.

almost 2 years

I agree, I believe we can take Holy Communion, as the heart behind taking Holy Communion is one of thankfulness and gratitude.

We remember the sacrifce Jesus made for us. It puts us in remembrance of Him that's why we take it, to honor him, and the price He paid for us.

We come into agreement with what His blood and His body, broken for us has done, and receive our healing.
Hope this helps😊

almost 2 years

I agree! I think the holy communion should be part of the fasting. I do the holy communion every night with my family! I only take a little bit of bread and taste the grape/juice.

Fina Perlas
almost 2 years

Jesus did also command us to take communion...

Psalmist Rebecka
almost 2 years

I think communion should be a big part of fasting 😊