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Unexpected financial

I was checking my bank account today, as I was expecting a deposit of £450.00. However, the amount that was in the account was £251.38, which was not what I had expected.

So I called the lady who should have deposited £450.00 into my account, to see if everything was alright. She advised me that she had deposited the money yesterday.

So I checked my other account, and sure enough she had deposited the amount yesterday.

I called the bank where the £258.31 had bèen deposited only to be told that it was deposited by the hospital where I used to work (as a midwife). I haven't worked there since the end of August, and was paid weekly!!!

So, I have received with thanks this unexpected financial blessing from the Lord🙌🏾

Thank you Abba❤❤❤

Ps: Your's is on its way🙌🏾

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