In the last days, there has been a real sense of excitement in my spirit. It has been quite blowy weather, here in the UK. And Danny (my husband) has mused about it, by saying "winds of change".

As I pondered this, this is what I heard.

A great mighty wind is being released in this season... that is going to get some of you that have been feeling stuck; un-stuck! There is a force about to push and propel you, like the sails of a boat, fully open on it's masts at sea. It's about to accelerate you, into your next season, your next level moment!

God is breathing His breath upon the dreams and desires you have forgotten, or laid to rest... and awakening your heart to them once again. He is saying, prophesy to the wind. Let the wind carry the atoms of your words. So that they may be planted. Rise from the miry place. Ascend from the valley. I am bringing you out onto higher ground. God is blowing a mighty driving wind, that will drive you through, that which has kept you in a place of being stationary, to unstoppable mobility. Hoist the sails. Get ready!!!!

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almost 2 years

I receive that Amen

almost 2 years

Amen and Amen

Olutola Comfort
almost 2 years


almost 2 years

Let it be Lord!! Blow!!!

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almost 2 years

Amen, what a word!
I receive the changes IJN🙌🏾

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almost 2 years

Lovely 😍

almost 2 years


Loyie Ntunja
almost 2 years

Amen and amen