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Isn’t it FUN being a child of God?!

Recently I’ve been using my time seeking to serve God more and on Monday I had a lot to do for His ministry & He ensured that everything ran smoothly and perfectly! He legit moved a mountain for me, but that’s not even the main testimony lol..

That same day when I arrived home and had finished everything;

I looked across my room and saw one of my unfinished paintings hanging on a chair and as I looked at it, a particular section jumped out at me. I basically saw myself in the painting with a cloud of glory on my head!! ( same skin colour, same hair, same puffy cheeks)
(Note: this is a ‘paint by numbers’ so I didn’t control the painting at all, just filling it in. And the painting is meant to be of some bikes overlooking a river in Italy).

Now this painting had been in the same position for a few days but I never saw this hidden image in it until now. It was a strange but beautiful way of my Lord communicating to me that He is proud of me and He is with me while I do His work.
It’s funny, up close it doesn’t look like a face, hair and a glory cloud, but when I saw it, He moulded it to be exactly that and He placed perfect understanding in me so I could recognise what He was showing me.

Also another testimony; God has His own secret ways of communicating with us all. Ask Him for daily doses of His affection.
I sometimes find that He gives me a vision and then a physical encounter.
For instance, He was reminding me today of 1 Samuel 29:9 by giving me a vision of angels wings on my back, at the same time He gave a a weird feeling in that same spot on my back between my shoulder blades.
It’s so special and He has done many similar displays of affection during these past few weeks.

The other week, He gave me a strange tingling on my right finger, to remind me that I need to buy a ring to symbolise my new covenant with Jesus Christ. He is my right hand. Psalm 16:8 - ‘I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’

The other day I was praising God, and I was kinda whipping my hair about, and I got this vision that God was gently laughing at me because He was watching me praise Him, but minus the wig🤦‍♀️😂 LOL can you imagine God laughs at us??
( i recently got carried away when I cut my hair and it looks appalling now🤦‍♀️ that’s what was funny lol)

Ask Him to communicate in a special way daily. Ask for jokes and laughs.

The same closeness you have with your best friend should shine in the relationship you have with God.
He is with you everyday, all day. So ask Him to show you!! ♥️♥️

Image 1: an example of a completed paint by numbers
Image 2: another painting - the one God used to speak to me
Image 3: same painting as picture 2, but zoomed in

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