Jesus says… The Church is being stripped down naked,
so that the true Apostles may rise up

May 28, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “It’s all about love, Clare. The Church only exists to demonstrate My Love. In the past, she has demonstrated her power, her wealth, her ability to subdue peoples and manipulate governments. No longer. She is being stripped down, naked so that the true Apostles may rise up and clothe her in My Love and Glory.

“My sheep hear My voice, My sheep seek My face. My sheep are Mine and none other’s. I am breaking away all the conventions of My church that are not relevant to a holy life.

“In the past, idolatry has gone unnoticed, and people have listened to anyone who is flashy enough to impress them. And so, they are easily led into error.

“What I am doing in this generation is emptying the baggage from the hearts of My people. No more Hollywood superstar Christians. It only breeds greed, idolatry, and error. What passes for church is theatrical manipulation of My people, who have been taught to worship personalities.

“I taught you by example, and while crowds followed Me everywhere I went, never once did I exact from them tribute and monies. Rather, I fed them, healed their wounds and taught them to repent and sin no more. These are the lessons that cultivate the rich soil and bring forth a thousand-fold harvest.

“My people, we are returning to the church of My Father’s Heart. For He longs for a people who worship Him in spirit and in truth with no thought of pleasing crowds and building a citadel.

“Rather, they are little ones, ministering My Love, one on one, tending to the wounded and those excluded. And from this humble beginning I will build up my Church into what I always meant for Her to be.”

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