Hi All! Warning everyone it’s a long post 🤪

Just hoping to know (again) if anyone is able to help in weighing up a dream I woke up to today, any thoughts, comments, or revelation that Holy Spirit reveals would be great!

I didn’t have a role in the dream so I don’t think it was about me specifically, as I was just watching events unfold.

I saw a big huge map, the colouring of the map was brown, brown terrain (no city names, or regions marked out ). The land looked like Israel. I believe viewing the map of the land is about territory in the region in general (otherwise I would have remembered city names etc). Inside I felt it was Israel/ that region in the dream.

I was in a classroom setting. The teacher of the classroom was the person presenting this very large map to his class. He took a pale green circular shaped sticker and put it on the map. He specifically pin pointed a specific place to mark out. The teacher said, “Here there is no more CCTV” very important place, and very significant there is no CCTV there.

Next he pointed to a region near the water/ sea (it was a lot further down than where he placed the green circular sticker)and the teacher spoke an important specific fact about it (don’t remember what)I’m not too sure where this place was exactly, it was on land but nearby was water but as I could see the map and remember it when I woke up I looked on google maps although it could be a place by the Egypt/ sinai region Red (there was no city names so I’m just going off the shape of the map and sense I got!) so I could be completely completely wrong about the location of this place near the water!

Inside the classroom it wasn’t full of people, but those who were there were committed to the cause (to this region and what’s happening) One of the girls held up two books and recommended them to read. One was normal paperback size and the other was slightly smaller and navy blue colour. Didn’t see the titles

As I was thinking about this dream this morning the Holy Spirit has repeated the phrase “valley of the dry bones” to me.

I was also thinking about the number 2. The teacher pointed to 2 strategic/ significant places on the map. The girl held up 2 books so I felt 2 is significant. Number 2 can symbolise both unity and division.
Also when 2 or more are gathered..

I asked Holy Spirit today about where the second place that was shown on the map, and I saw a picture of the desert, it was dry and dusty (darker coloured dust/ earth than the Sahara desert) interesting that in that region is a lot of “wadi’s” which is a river bed that is now dry. For example the place Elim where there was 12 wells of water is now called Wadi Gharandel in the present day - not sure if it’s significant or not but thought it was interesting!

Appreciate any thoughts/ comments about this dream! 🎉🤷‍♀️🌏🌟!!!

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Ansel Pronk
over 1 year

Two months ago the Lord spoke to me concerning the dry bones. I hope this video might help you in some way of understanding your dream better.

Ansel Pronk
over 1 year


over 1 year

@superflynorton wow amazing how God releases the impression/ vision for this when a place/ issue is on his heart. Yes we declare and decree Ezekiel 37:14 over Israel and over those dry bones and dry desert areas 🏝 💦 💕💕💕

over 1 year

@Daniel Idehen thank you so much for looking at the symbols and what each thing means etc! Very kind of you, God bless you! It’s made me really reflect on why the teacher was there and the 5 fold ministry as God could have showed me the map without the teacher there (I’ve had a dream like that before) but everything is significant. Number 2, colours etc thank you for commenting back :)

over 1 year

I have recently have a Holy Spirit impression to declare/prophecy the exact same scripture of valley of dry bones to live. I read the context it is all about Israel 🇮🇱 I believe Jesus has a great plan to Ezekiel 37:14 I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the LORD have spoken, and I have done it, declares the LORD.'" He will empower his people. I also saw a article about a 2 state solution considered by Jordan https://bit.ly/loveandhateinisrael .Just some thoughts and opinions.

over 1 year

Again, the place free from surveillance is a place of refuge. Sincerely, I don't know how it relates to you in particular, but ask God for your location (from where He wants you to operate from)

over 1 year

My first thoughts:

Green represents intercession.

judging from the recent prophecy released by Prophet Tomi, we have been ushered into the surveillance era. that means, the dream is about this time, the end time.

from experience, the five fold ministry of a teacher is some times symbolised by a regular teacher in a class, just like you saw.

again, repeating 2s symbolises agreement. couple with green, it should mean two in prayer..

being a student in the class, and being told to read 2 books, this should be you should increase in your knowledge my listening to his ministers and reading Christian materials.

further more, consider the importance of the role of Israel this end time, and how thier coming back to the faith will bring about the resurrection from the dead (The rapture), Romans 11:15.

Also, the valley of dry bones represents a spiritual state. however, it precedes the rise of a great army. the end time army.

My interpretation:

You are in a season of growth, so you should increase in your knowledge by listening to messages and reading books (You need mentorship). You are to intercede for souls to be saved, especially for Isreal.. this should be done in agreement with others. You are part of His army He is raising up this season of the end time..

However, the above interpretation is not all there is